Umu Igbo Unite – 2017-2018 Executive Board Application

This application is your chance to make a difference in Umu Igbo Unite-Dallas Chapter. We applaud your desire to run for an executive position in UIU-Dallas, however, we want to make sure that you have demonstrated the necessary leadership skills and have enough experience that you’ll be able to carry out the job successfully should you win the election. We must also be satisfied that you are going to be able to balance your personal workload and UIU-Dallas Chapter responsibilities.

We are looking for members who have displayed proven commitment, responsibility, and leadership. Candidates should be cooperative, reliable, team-oriented, and diligent. Members must be able to multi-task, work with the national chapter members, executive board members and general alike, as well as other city/state chapters of Umu Igbo Unite.

Please complete this Executive Board Application Packet by 5:00 p.m. All application materials must be submitted online by August 27th at 11:59 P.M

There are no Exceptions!

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Section A
Please indicate the position for which you are applying to run and read the list of responsibilities associated with each position in order to choose the one most suitable to your skill level and experience. Please note that executive members must all share in the organization of Umu Igbo Unite-Dallas events no matter what their job titles or specific tasks the positions may entail.
Responsible for leading the agenda of the general and board meetings. He/She needs to call a board meeting a week before any gathering to make sure that all board members agree on the agenda for the upcoming gathering. He/She oversees the remaining board members to make sure that everything agreed on by the board is going smoothly and on time. • Form and lead a team of likeminded professionals to coordinate cultural events throughout the year • b) Create the local chapter by-laws • c) Undertake & support efforts to increase and maintain the size of this organization • d) Develop, maintain and annually update the local chapter Membership Directory • e) Encourage others to be members of their chapter • f) Be aware of the chapter of the year metrics and strive to win • g) Be a team player as part of the Executive Committee
Vice President
Assist the president and other executives in their duties and all other assigned tasks. Presides at meetings in the absence of the president. Plans, coordinates, and recruits committees to manage a series of meetings and programs. Coordinates programs with the president and the executive committee. Provides timely and interesting advance information for emails, newsletters, etc. Provides or coordinates information on forthcoming events to the Secretary for inclusion in meeting notices, newsletters or electronic distribution lists.
In charge of making sure that all documents necessary for a successful meeting are available; including an attendance list for member check-in. The secretary will update the member list as needed. Document and keep minutes for meetings. Maintain documents. Update/revise all documents per Board decision. Provide applications at every gathering. He/She calls for the board meeting and call the agenda. All board member meetings need to go through the secretary
This person is responsible for all the monetary/financial transactions involved with UIU. The treasurers’ name will be on our UIU account. The Treasurer needs to make sure that all finances are transparent. He or she will present to the Board and its members our financial status when prompted. All purchases and financial contracts must be approved by the Treasurer and must accompany receipts.
Fundraising/Community Chair
Reports directly to the chapter president and treasurer, and is responsible for seeking out and organizing quarterly fundraising and community service events for UIU-Dallas members. The duties of the Fundraising/Community Chairperson are as follows: a) Develop fundraising plan for the fiscal year that will allow the chapter to meet budgetary needs. b) Create and submit a list of possible fundraising events to the board 30 days prior to the beginning of each fiscal year. c) Upon board approval, work with the Event Coordinator to plan and organize each fundraising/community service event for the academic year d) Work closely with the PRO to advertise each event to members and create city awareness for the event. e) Working with the Treasure, ensure that all funds raised are deposited in the UIU-Dallas checking account no later than 2 business days following the event. f) Maintain a history of each event, documenting total funds raised and member attendance. Additional duties may be included, and the above-listed duties may be adjusted as the chapter President deems necessary.
Cultural Chair
Responsible for maintaining and promoting a sense of culture throughout the organization. The Cultural Chair will help in planning initiatives that increase cultural awareness among members and participants, and spread knowledge of the our Igbo culture. Work with the Fundraiser/Community Service chair in leading community service initiatives and projects. Help plan cultural events and bring speakers to events. Assist in planning fundraising events within the community. Provide an engaging lesson/activity at each general board meeting.
Public Relations Officer (PRO)
This person has exclusive rights to all forms of communication and is responsible for all notifications being transmitted. He/She makes sure that members receive the by-laws Communications must be reviewed by the board before it is sent out. Notification for UIU gathering would be sent out 2 weeks ahead of time on Email and Face Book. Information included would contain detailed information about the gathering like Agenda, gathering, Venue, date, time and refreshments. Text messages would be sent out 1 week before the gathering with the same information under 160 characters to avoid the broken text messages. Another message of the gathering would be sent via email that morning. PRO may remove any posting that is not in favor of UIU on social media. In the event the P.R.O is unavailable to fulfill these duties, these duties will fall upon the Secretary
Event Coordinator
Responsible for coordinating all UIU gathering and events. The Board will review information gathered by event coordinator. The Board members will deliberate, suggest and make recommendations based on findings received. At this point, a voting process will follow to reach a consensus decision. Assist the fundraiser/community service chair in organizing community services events and occasions for the UIU group to participate in.
This person is responsible for maintaining order and peace at UIU gatherings and board members meetings. All board members are also expected to partake in maintaining order when the numbers of people involved become excessive.
Please insert the position you are applying for.
Section B
Please list below any activities that you plan on participating in during the 2017-2018 fiscal year (please include UIU-Dallas). This may include job-related events, social clubs, church responsibilities (we meet on Sundays), etc. It should also include paid work or community volunteer positions. Rate the priority of your activities, with 1 being the highest priority. The Election Committee wishes to know how much time you’ll have to devote to Umu-Igbo Unite-Dallas activities.
Outline any ideas for NEW events or activities that you would like to see Umu-Igbo Unite - Dallas organize. Keep in mind that any activity has to be in line with chapter by-laws and the budget. You may answer in bullet point-form. Answer in the space provided here, no longer.
Outline any hidden talents or skills you have that might allow you to make significant contributions to Umu-Igbo Unite - Dallas. For example: technology, video, social media, dance, organization, planning, public speaking, etc.
List/explain your commitment and/or involvement with UIU-Dallas Chapter for the 2016-2017 fiscal year (participation, committees joined, etc.).
Section C
As a potential member of Umu-Igbo Unite - Dallas, you will often encounter many unforeseen problems. Through your answer to one of the following questions, we hope to better understand you and your ability to deal with the responsibilities of an executive position. Answer the question for the position you have selected. Please type your response below (500 word Max)
How would you convince us (voting members) that you are a serious, responsible leader, not someone who is just seeking to win a “popularity contest”? And what accomplishments have you got that demonstrate these skills?
How would you convince us (voting members) that you are a serious, responsible leader, not someone who is just seeking to win a “popularity contest”? Specify why you chose to apply for Vice President rather than President. And what accomplishments have you got that demonstrate these skills?
How would you convince us (voting members) that you are responsible and organized enough to handle Umu-Igbo Unite - Dallas’ money, sometimes-large amounts? And, what other skills do you have that will make you a valuable contributor to Umu-Igbo Unite - Dallas outside of the financial area?
What experiences do you have that demonstrate your ability to be both a team player and a leader?
Section D
I certify that all of my responses are factually accurate and are of my own work. I fully understand the commitment and responsibilities for which I am applying to run. I am aware that a formal resignation is required for me to leave Umu-Igbo Unite - Dallas and unprofessional behavior as an executive board member could ultimately lead to the dismissal of my membership. I agree to abide by the decision of the Election Committee.
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