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Welcome to the official website of Umu Igbo Unite (UIU) - Dallas chapter! Umu Igbo Unite (UIU) works to connect, convene, and empower the next generation of Igbo professionals through networking opportunities and cultural exchange to preserve the Igbo heritage.




Umu Igbo Unite - Dallas Chapter is the third national chapter founded in August 2013. Our UIU-Dallas chapter strives to promote and maintain personal, cultural, and professional growth amongst Nigerian Igbo professionals. 

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UIU- Dallas membership is open to all who understand how important it is to organize, advocate, and empower the Igbo community

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I joined UIU - Dallas because I knew finally, the voices of members would not only be heard, but acknowledged. I felt like for the first time the board had enough manpower - and the members enough drive and pass - to make the group experience what we were all longing for from the beginning.
— Amara Oji, Member