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Umu Igbo Unite is a cultural promotion group dedicated to exporting the norms, values and traditions of Igbos. We are the foremost network of Igbo Americans. UIU is inspired by the power of unity in a foreign land. As cultural exchange advocates, we witness the power of diversity and unity of Umu Igbo.
We celebrate individuality, embrace differences and enable learning opportunities by creating safe harbors in which people can come together for mutual understanding and benefit.

Umu Igbo Unite is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that promotes cultural preservation and appreciation, professional development, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement among Igbos in the diaspora.
We applaud the resilience of our forebears who came to America to discover their dreams. We welcome the courageous, the hardworking and the determined who break through barriers and establish new frontiers for generations to come.


The purpose of the Umu Igbo Unite Dallas Chapter is to promote personal, cultural and professional growth amongst Nigerian Igbo professionals primarily in diaspora. This goal shall be achieved by:

· Providing a forum where Igbo professionals can network professionally, culturally      and socially and share their experiences in the hopes of contributing positively to the growth and progress of Igbo’s within the DFW metroplex.

· Initiating, encouraging and supporting innovative Igbo business ideas and existing businesses that have the potential to improve the quality of life of all Nigerians.

·Contributing positively towards improvement of quality of life in Nigeria, through outreach programs, creating of awareness of health and social issues, and donation of time and resources.

·Promoting unity, co-operation and general empowerment amongst Igbo professionals.


“I love that UIU Dallas always has amazing events & seminars for young, black professionals. I joined UIU to discover and learn more about the Igbo culture and as a wife, I thought it would be important to educate myself especially because, one day we plan to have children and I want to ensure that they know where they come from & who they are!

— Tarrolyn Egbuna,
Member Of The Year and Event Coordinator